Welcome to Competitive Trail Riding,
the North American Trail Ride Conference and Region 6!

What is Competitive Trail Riding? 

CTR (Competitive Trail Riding) is a sport that partners horse and rider as a team. Competitors find that the sport is not only fun for the rider, but for most horses as well.

Unique to NATRC is that competitors receive both horse and rider scorecards at the end of the ride rating their performance by the veterinary and horsemanship judges in most divisions. The new Leisure Division has only one judge scoring the horse and rider as a team, but giving feedback on both.

Riding a CTR is a great opportunity to learn from other riders as to what tack works best for them, how to pace a ride, and how to care for your horse before, during, and after a ride may be stressed. It is a great way to build a partnership with your horse through training, conditioning and education. You and your horse will build trust and confidence in each other and in yourselves.

True Love

A ride is typically between 30 and 60 miles over a 2 day time period, depending upon the division in which you choose to ride. Some rides have one day rides called “B” rides. These one day rides are an excellent way to see if you are your horse are going to like doing competitive trail rides. A one day ride will also tell you if your horse is in condition to do such rides.
There are NATRC rides all over the United States, including Alaska. You’ll never know if you are going to like this sport until you participate in a ride.

That is why we say Come Ride With Us!

Ride type:
A = 2 day ride (Saturday and Sunday)
B = 1 day ride 

O = Open (● horses 5 years of age and older ● mileage - 25-30 miles/day ● pace - 4-6 mph)
N = Novice (● horses 4 years of age and older ● mileage - 15-20 miles/day ● pace - 3.5-5 mph)
CP = Competitive Pleasure (● horses 4 years of age and older ● mileage - 15-20 miles/day ● pace - 3.5-5 mph)
L = Leisure (● horses 4 years of age and older ● mileage - 8-12 miles/day ● pace - 3-4.5 mph)