Welcome to Competitive Trail Riding,
the North American Trail Ride Conference and Region 6!

Register for a Ride

     You do not have to be a member of NATRC in order to enter a ride. However, there is an additional fee for all non-members. To enter, you can fill out an entry sheet, then send your form and deposit to the ride secretary as soon as possible as some rides reach their maximum rider limit quite quickly.

     You may also register through the the RMS system, which you will find by clicking on the link below. This system will allow you to enter the ride without filling out the form. You will then need to send your deposit $ or use PayPal.


Ride Fees

    Most ride fees are around $90 for members, and non-members can participate at a slightly higher fee. Junior riders should expect to pay around $70.  The new Leisure Division offers a condensed version of our ride experience and is a lower price.

     In addition to the ride fees, there may be other optional costs such as catered dinners. Some rides will feed volunteers/workers for free and often times will feed competitors for an additional charge. A minimum deposit, which must be sent in with your entry form, will be stated on the ride page.